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John Blangero, PhD

Director, Genomics Computing Center, South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute, University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Brownsville, TX

Both Dr Kulkarni and Dr. Mamtani have worked closely with me as Faculty. I can vouch to their in-depth understanding of statistical genetics, their professional analytical skills and their flair for medical writing. Within a short span of 3 years we published 25 papers in high ranking, renowned journals around the world which speaks of their professional approach and commitment. My best wishes are with both of them for their continued contributions to science.


Jose F. Camargo, MD

Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine, Miami, FL

I have known Hemant and Manju since 2004 when I was doing my post-doctoral research fellowship at the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.  Over a period of 4 years we coauthored several publications including seminal articles in Nature Medicine, Nature Immunology, Journal of Immunology and Journal of Infectious Diseases. More recently, during my Transplant Infectious Diseases training at University of Toronto, Hemant helped us in analyzing a large database of complex micro RNA data in transplant patients.  Hemant and Manju have both medical background and vast experience in the field of biostatistics, which puts them on a unique position to help investigators as they understand what is clinically relevant and make the most out of your data.


Vincent Diego, PhD

Assistant Professor, South Texas Diabetes and Obesity Institute,

University of Texas Rio Grande Valley, Brownsville, TX

I attended a workshop conducted by Dr. Hemant Kulkarni on the fundamentals of survival analysis. I thoroughly enjoyed the full-day workshop which was attended by a variety of health professionals. Dr. Kulkarni has a clear understanding and a unique method of teaching that clarifies the concepts immediately. I strongly recommend interested individuals to attend all workshops that he conducts.


Neha Garg, PhD

Manager, Research Alliances, bluebird bio, Cambridge, MA

Since my doctoral work in Biochemistry, I have very closely known both Dr Mamtani and Dr Kulkarni as talented and dedicated experts in statistical analyses and manuscript writing. During my work, I received valuable help and guidance that greatly improved my dissertation work. I strongly recommend M&H Research to anyone in the need of analysis or manuscript writing.


German Gornalusse, PhD

Assistant Professor, Medicine, University of Washington, Seattle, WA

Hemant and Manju are both skilled and gifted physician-scientists. Their skills are evident from their highly productive research portfolio. Personally, their help in the analyses of my work on DNA methylation (both at the post-doctoral level and in my publications) was a very important factor in the completion of that project. Their contribution to my career development is immense. I sincerely wish them well and fully recommend all to be benefited by the skills at M&H Research, LLC.


Mark Hilz, MD

President & CEO, HeartSciences, Lewisville, TX

HeartSciences signal processing technique generates a significant amount of data per patient that makes it difficult to quickly assess results using traditional analysis techniques. M&H Research provided analysis using artificial intelligence methods that allowed us to quickly understand the potential value of our signal processing method and provided us with a clear direction for further research and development.


Jennifer Neary, PhD

St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, Memphis, Tennessee

I worked with Drs. Kulkarni and Mamtani while completing my postdoc at Texas Biomedical Research Institute. Both are dedicated scientists who deliver quality work very quickly. I worked more with Dr. Kulkarni, whom I found to be incredibly intelligent, thoughtful, and creative with statistical biology. I strongly recommend and support the M&H Research team.


Tess Jackovich

Vice President, Business Development and Clinical Research, HeartSciences, Lewisville, TX

M&H Research has helped HeartSciences by conducting complex machine learning analyses to better comprehend the intricate nature of electrocardiography signals. A paper based on these data was published in the highly reputed and cited Journal of American College of Cardiology. M&H Research has a professional and positive work culture that was mutually beneficial. I wish M&H all the success in the continued quest for science.


Tushar Thakre, MD

Asst Professor, Psychiatry, Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond,  VA

Dr. Kulkarni has one of the sharpest minds in science. The breadth and depth of his expertise is simply unmatched. He and Dr. Mamtani are a formidable team capable of handling even the most complex data analyses. I have published several high quality papers in collaboration with Drs. Kulkarni and Mamtani and the experience has always been wonderful. Not only do they do high quality work but are highly efficient. For example, we wrote and submitted a paper from scratch over a weekend and it was published in the premier journal in Sleep Medicine. It is my most cited publication and it would not have been possible without them.


Sachin Thakur, PhD

Scientific Support Specialist, Abcam, Cambridge, MA

Dr. Kulkarni and Dr. Mamtani are an incredible team of physician scientists. I have had a wonderful experience of working with them on my Doctoral dissertation as well as two other research papers that were published in high ranking journals. They are very communicative, understand their subject matter and helped me comprehend the research in an amicable way. I will highly recommend M&H Research to everyone for their statistical and writing needs.


Shweta Ujaoney, MDS

Glen Allen Dentistry, Richmond, VA

I have always had a great experience working with Dr. Mamtani and Dr. Kulkarni. I can think of several adjectives to describe Dr. Kulkarni and Dr. Mamtani: versatility, deep knowledge of every subject, all rounder, terrific combination. My work on the camouflage syringe and dental probiotics is highly cited, thanks to Dr. Kulkarni and Dr. Mamtani. Writing and publishing a paper is such a complex process but with this team, it turned out to be a fun, easy, and pleasurable as well as enriching experience. 10 stars out of 5!


Maria Soledad Valera, PhD

Barcelona, Spain

I have worked closely with both Hemant and Manju and they were an integral part of my post-doctoral work. Their help from time-to-time was a big factor in the successful completion of my dissertation. They understand their subject thoroughly and are very communicative. I will strongly recommend anyone needing scientific help to seek the services of Dr. Mamtani and Dr. Kulkarni.


Pooja Rajaram

Health Careers Student, San Antonio, TX

I had the pleasure and opportunity to work with Dr Kulkarni on an exciting AI project. We developed an automation algorithm to accurately detect and classify corneal ulcer images. Over the course of the project, I learned basics of Python coding, fundamentals and importance of corneal ulcer classification in ophthalmology practice and essentials of deep learning methods in image classification. Our project won the best project award at the school level and at the San Antonio city level. I also got an opportunity to present the project at the Texas State level competition. I am indebted to Dr Kulkarni who walked me through every step of the project along with explanations for the theoretical aspects of it. This project will remain an unforgettable academic exercise in my career.

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