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Converting data into information

Researchers generate large amounts of quality data and need to understand, analyze and publish these data to share with the scientific fraternity. The research process needs a careful and intensive look at the analytical step and a cogent thinking and expression at the writing stage. M&H Research, LLC will help you in this process if your data relates to Biomedical Research. Our expert team will help you to make sense of your data, use appropriate statistics and provide you with a simple-to-understand summary and presentable results that can be shared at professional meetings and publications.



M&H collaborates with UCSD and UIC and receives R01 funding from NIH
Electrocardiogram and deep learning as predictors of diabetes and prediabetes

UCSD, M&H and UIC have received R01 funding from the National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD for a project that proposed to use ultrasound images to predict the degree of fibrosis and tubular atrophy in kidney. This five-year project promises to deliver path-breaking approach to management of chronic kidney disease.

M&H and RUSH University, Chicago receive funding from Boston Scientific

Under the aegis of the Lata Medical Research Foundation, India and in collaboration with the DISFIN researchers, this study used the power of AI and information from ECG to predict T2D and prediabetes. This paper published in BMJ Innovations has an AltMetric Attention Score of 396 - 99th percentile ranking in the top 1% of all research tracked ever.

RUSH University and M&H will start a project on the use and importance of intravascular ultrasound (IVUS) in patients undergoing percutaneous coronary intervention (PCI). This project will provide insights into ways of improving outcomes in PCI patients through the use of IVUS.

Machine Learning for Wavelet-Transformed Electrocardiogram
Dr Kulkarni conducts Summer Courses on Heart Sounds and Electrocardiography

This project used the power of machine learning to fathom the wealth of information contained within a wavelet transformed ECG signal. The project aimed to bring in an appealing and simple modification of ECG to predict echocardiographic phenotypes. This paper was published in JACC.

M&H Guides Health Careers Student to win City level Science Fair and present in the Texas State Science Fair

Pooja Rajaram, a student of the Health Careers School, SA conducted an AI project under the mentorship of Dr Kulkarni ans won first prize at the School level and at the San Antonio city level and was invited to present her work in the Texas State Science Fair at Austin, Texas. The project used a public database to generate an AI algorithm for identification and treatment of corneal ulcers.

Dr. Kulkarni, CEO, M&H conducted two Summer courses of Basic and Advanced level understanding of heart sounds and ECG. These courses were conducted online and were completely free of cost. Several students from around the world benefited. 



All Biomedical research projects need statistical help either at the stage of planning during the phase of pilot testing or post-implementation when the data are ready and need to be analyzed and published. We provide publication-level consultation for statistical analyses of such projects.


As the quantity of data increases exponentially, so does the need to conduct  meaningful analyses of such data. We are equipped with all it takes to conduct deep and broad analytical queries that include Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Artificial Intelligence.


The competition to publish in top-notch journals is intense. Many a research data are lost solely due to a lack of proper publication skills. We will help you write professional manuscripts that get reviewed and accepted relatively easily.




With special focus on diabetes and thalassemia, my research portfolio includes 75 publications in high-impact, peer-reviewed journals. With a faculty level experience of over 10 years, M&H now is the focus of my research work. Epidemiology and epidemiologic principles are my focus areas.


General Manager

I am a widely cited biomedical researcher with ~150 publications in high-ranked, peer reviewed journals across various disciplines (including Science, Nature Medicine, Nature Immunology, PNAS, etc). My expertise is in BD/ML/DL, epidemiology and biostatistics. M&H is my passion and my dream.


Chief Executive Officer




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