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This is the HEIDELBERG SHERLOCK PLUS 6.85 serial number. By next month, additional products will be released and we will announce them here as well. A few days ago, I released to you a version of Heidelberg Sherlock 6.82 with a couple of fixes (you can download it HERE). Sherlock 6.82 includes a couple of minor bugfixes. According to the rumors, only one printer is in the works for a release next month. We'll do our best to publish all the details. Right now, there is no definitive information regarding the release of a new version. So, let's see if the creators keep their promises or not. If they don't, there is also a chance that we will get a new version next month.Q: Viewing user date of birth in Drupal I have a requirement to display a specific record on the user profile page for the current user (which works). I also need to display the users DOB in a special way. I have this code: $result = db_query('SELECT * FROM {users} WHERE uid = :uid', array(':uid' => $user->uid)); $row = $result->fetchObject(); $user_dob = $row->dob; if ($user_dob) { $form['dob'] = array( '#markup' => $user_dob, ); } // Modify this if you need to display a different date format. $form['format'] = array( '#type' => 'textfield', '#title' => t('Date format'), '#default_value' => date_format_short($user_dob, 'd-M-y'), ); I thought of trying to change the DOB in the database and run a sql query on the user table, but when a user's DOB is edited, it appears in the correct format, but the updated user isn't listed in the profile. I'm wondering if I should write a hook or is there another way to change the date format of the displayed DOB? A: I don't know how you're actually displaying it. I would suggest



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DWG TrueConvert V2017 KEYGEN Xf-[KEYWORD]-kg

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